Pooja Banga, Nutritionist

Don’t just lose weight, gain health

Cultivating Health Pvt. Ltd.

We at cultivating health, provide customised diet plans for everyone. We believe that all individual are different with their different schedules, professions, food choices, regional and cultural preferences and so are their nutritional requirements. We give sustainable weight loss plans which are lifestyle modifications and not just restrictive diet.

In our diet plans food is not seen just as a source of calories, we see food as medicine. As seen nowadays, a lot of dieting trends are going on but we don’t believe in restrictive diets. Even if specific dieting modules make you lose weight for the time being, that weight will come back as soon as you go back to your normal lifestyle.

Why Choose us?

Our diet plans are accustomed as per your schedule and your needs.
Well it should be because it is YOUR DIET and you should be happy while following it.

  • No products, detox or meal replacement shakes
  • No starving
  • Flexible meal plans
  • Customised as per every individual
  • Personal check up